Is Your Penis Big?
BulgeReport viewers deserve to know

You deserve to be #1 at the BulgeReport, the official


If you're the biggest, you get a minimum of $100!**

Berle was straight. And huge!

Rocker, well . . . some say he's a jerk, and he's HUGE! Zipper popping big!

Are you? Is your friend huge?

Only qualification is that you be a MAN with a real penis attached, not pumped up by any mechanical device. You can be straight, gay, or somewhere in between.

If you have a huge friend, help him out by measuring it for him. Warning: You might have to help him get it erect for a good measurement. Penises are usually the largest right before ejaculation according to reports.

Please, NO pumped up penises. Just the natural penis given to you at birth.

Email this information the BulgeReport with the following information:

1. Your name, or nickname you want to use at the BulgeReport site. (I won't publish your email address or identify you in anyway, I'll just use the name or nickname you supply)

2. Indicate the circumference.*

3. Indicate the length while erect. Winner will be based on length.*

4. Indicate the length when soft.*

5. Indicate if you're cut or uncut.

6. Indicate what country, or in the USA, what state, you live in.

7. Indicate if your package usually creates a big bulge, or if it all fits nicely into your pants.

8. Indicate if you're a "grower" or a "show'er" (e.g., is it small and gets huge when hard, or is it pretty large all the time).

I'll request an unretouched original photo of it in its soft state and in its erect state if you are in the top 10 qualifying finishers. Note: most photos showing nudity are not published at the BulgeReport. If it is going to be published, you will be contacted and asked for permission, etc.

List of hung men proud of their size and waiting
to be named winner of at least $100!

*Measure the circumference (pull a tape measure around your tool right behind the head) and then measure the length while 1) erect (place a ruler along the top, gently press it into your hip, then see how long your dick is), and 2) measure it while soft (pull it and make it as long as you can, and then measure it with the ruler along the top as above).

**Rules: Contest based on penis length. Open to BulgeReport viewers, friends, etc. Amateurs only, no "business" models, stars, actors in adult films, etc. Largest penis wins its owner $10 per inch, with a $100 minimum. If you're 12 verifiable inches, you'd get $120, and so on. If you're 13 inches, you'd get $130.No more than $200 will be awarded. Verifiable means a 'natural', unpumped penis, using a standard US ruler that measures standard inches/feet. Pulling the foreskin to make it another inch or two doesn't count. Winner paid at end of contest, currently scheduled to end August 30, 2003. There are no judges, only the ruler. In the event of a tie, the earliest entry will win. Your true identity can and will remain a secret if you prefer, you won't be identified at this site without your permission. Any images/photographs send become the property of Sorry, there can only be one winner in this contest, although, if you're big enough to enter, you're already a winner. In order for "grand prize" cash to be awarded, this contest requires a minimum of 15 entrants. These rules may be subject to change at any time. "Verifiable inches" may mean a BulgeReport representative meets with you in private with a ruler if required.

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You deserve to be #1 at the BulgeReport, the official



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