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Study: Anal Sex Has Never Been More Popular And By More Popular, We Mean Straight Men Taking It

CNN's Anderson Cooper And Friend


How To Shoot More Spunk When You Orgasm

Don't Want Airport TSA To See Your Penis? Then Wear This Underwear.

John Travolta Is a Bottom And a Size Queen

New survey shows which cities have the  largest (and smallest) penis sizes

Oh Lord: David Forest Reveals More On The Celeb Clients Hiring his boys




The BulgeReport Has Nude Photos of One of These Anchormen. Guess Which One.

The Photos Are Inside ... For Members Only


Naked Rugby Results Just In



Is This Evan Longoria's Dick?
Click The Image For Full Size
Evan Longoria's Penis?
Here's The Web Site That Is Reporting It Is

Russel Brand On How Much He Masturbates





MacGruber Nude?


Health: What baby boomers need to know about Their Penis and ED


Words Men Don't Want To Hear:
Lacrosse player's testicle explodes


Biggest In The NBA Locker Room: Jason Richardson
Several Sightings Of Athlete Members In the Forum . . . For Members Only


Free: Eighty-Seven BIG Naked Bike Ride Photos


Which US cities and states have
the largest average penis size?


Jamie Foxx Nude? How About Jamie Kennedy Nude?
Click on What You Want To See



James Franco's NYU Thesis Project Contains Shocking Amount Of Male Nudity And Men Peeing

Hockey Player Sami Salo's Ruptured Testicle is on Facebook

Penis enlargement: The long and the short of it

6 Weirdest Things Men Do to Their Penises



St. Louis Community College Article: The Proud Penis



Ricky Martin Tweets He Is Gay


Pfizer: Penis-Straightening Drug Gets an FDA Approval



Is This the new Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown Nude?

Is It Real? Click on the image to see it large




Doggy Style More Likely To Cause Penile Breakage



Man Chews Tenant’s Scrotum




Nolan Ryan: Jockstrap Sells For $25,000

Is Tom Cruise Gay?


Which One Of These Athletes Is Gay?


Scientology Homophobic Backlash:
Crash Director Paul Haggis Quits Church



Syrian Masturbation Epidemic


Firefighters Saw Through Metal Weight Ring Into Which Man Had Inserted His Penis


New Product In Clinical Testing:
Hard On ... Apply Directly To The Penis


Study Links Penis Size To General Health ... Big = Healthy



Man shot in groin during dispute.

Penis length is determined early in fetal development.

Not Safe For Work! Nude Previews Of Other Sites

Brits most popular theme park has banned Speedos

Top Three US Nude Beaches




About 45 percent of men, both gay and heterosexual, reported incorporating a vibrator into sexual activities.

Lotto Winner Opens Nude Dude Ranch

Basketball Low Blow Videos
1    2

Why The Internet Keeps Falling In Love
With Marlon Brando's Fellatio Pic
[not safe for work photo here]

Crime Scene Photos of ShamWow Guy
Who 'Defended' Himself From A Prostitute

Hero: Hugh Jackman Will Not Deny Being Gay.

Fan Calls TV Station To Compliment An Athlete's Bulge

Did Swedish Cops Make Nudity A Habit?

Watchmen Movie Review:  "Dr. Manhattan, a glowing superhero who spends much  of his screen time showing off his iridescent blue penis."

Prince William's Royal BIG Bulge

The Prince Has A Bulge!

For Members Only: Images Of The Prince Urinating In Public

Great Article On Broken Penis Syndrome

'Am I Gay?' Self Examination For The Straight Man

HBO Gets 'Hung'

The Show About A Guy With A Very Large Penis

Pfizer To Sell Penis Straightening Drug

Les Avoir A Zero (and other weird sayings)

Maybe It Is Time For A New Jockstrap Patent
Introducing The New Gantry Jock!


The Students of William and Mary College Talk About Anal Sex: "Enjoying anal penetration does not make you gay."

Finally??? Pantyhose for men. Mantyhose?

Site To Convince You To Wear Pantyhose?

 Science: Now You Can Purchase Foreskin

Must See TV: The Window Washer

Racer Carey Hart

Pink says his penis ".... was pretty."

"I Miss His Penis ... It Was Pretty" Says Pink

Gay Aussie Diver Wins Gold in Beijing

Gay Aussie Wins Gold 

In 2007: 98.9% of Gay Men Had Oral Sex And Of Those, 62% Got A Good Taste

Man Almost Loses Penis Humping Steel Bench

Doctor Compares Penis Size to Self Esteem: Size DOES Matter

According to Bill O'Reilly:

"...an erect penis is a medical necessity"

What Is Happening To Colin Farrell?


Man Ticketed For Wearing Speedo On Beach

Swedish Army Naked During Target Practice

George Clooney:

"I Did Get My Balls Done, I Got Them Unwrinkled. It's The New Thing In Hollywood - Ball Ironing."

February 14: Valentines Day ... or National Impotence Day? Oysters or Pumpkin Seeds?

Cell Phone Use Lowers Sperm Count and Semen

(but does it impact taste?)

Manhunt For Penis Poacher At Packer's Game ... Includes Reward

Gay For Pay Mark Dalton On Jenny Jones

Yet Another Scrotum Gets Ripped Off Its Rightful Owner ... In Oklahoma ... Over A Football Shirt

The embarrassing video of 22-year-old firefighter Michael Biserta of Brooklyn's Ladder Co. 131 and his enormous member is featured in the 2004 Joe Francis-produced DVD "Guys Gone Wild."
Of Course, BulgeReport Members Can See His Enormous Hose Inside

Adam Sandler Insists On Seeing Roommates Penis

NEW: The HOT Men of the Israeli Military.
Over 100 Nude Photos in the Forum

FREE membership to military personnel!


This Bulge is currently being researched at the world famous Bulge Research Institute. The institute has 10 free galleries of bulges.

Ebay for Ebulges

My new free site, a collection of Ebay bulges over the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Send me Ebay links when you find nice bulges on some auction item and I'll post them here too.


A new angle on the famous Bush Bulge

Uh, you know where to click to see the NEW BUSH BULGE GALLERY


He doesn't seem to mind showing a FABULOUS Bush Bulge either. Click the pix to see just how big.

The bulge is as big as the green guy's head!


Did President Bush stuff his flight suit with socks for that "ballet bulge"?




BulgeReport Exclusive
For Members Only


Entry #14 with Luke Halpin (of Flipper) at 19 years of age. "I first saw this divine arse, then there was this big, light brown bush which, I found, looked a bit like a chocolate bar (color and shape). His cock was the . . ."  Private entries from the diary of a studio employee that was an avid crotch-watcher. An eyewitness to most star's dicks, his diary is published now, only after his death. A BulgeReport exclusive. 

10 Hateful Anti-Gay Myths Debunked

Rugby Player Ben Cohen’s
Jockstrap fetches $460 at auction

Snooki Says Jersey Shore's Vinny
Is HUGE, Offered $30,000 To Pose Nude

she said that smushing with him was like “putting a watermelon in a pinhole.”

The Huge Nate Berkus Bulge

Lawyer sues ex-firm for Naked male retreat

‘Barefoot Bandit’ Loved His Barely Twink Porn Online Membership

led authorities on a two-year chase through the U.S. and Canada, ending with his arrest in the Bahamas last summer

Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons:
Getting Married Christmas Week In Massachusetts

And Now, The Weather

Penis Size Calculator?
There's An App For That

Holding Hands in Hollywood


Scrotum Sack Couture

Matt LeBlanc:
"they also say he has an enormous penis"



Blast Proof Kevlar Underwear

Time Magazine: Is King Tuts Penis Missing?

Finally, Phone Balls

ChatRoulette plans penis recognition Software to block web flashers


why does my scrotum have a seam on it?

Finally -- Foreskin is on Facebook

Officer of the Year arrested after showing a Female motorist a picture of his penis


Do You Really Need To Pack A Gun At A Lowe's Home Improvement Store? Man accidentally Shoots Himself In The Nuts





Police barred from Getting penis enlargement

Ben Roethlisberger and his penis in Georgia

"His Penis Was Already Out Of His Pants"

Japan's Pink Penis Parade

Aussie Gold Medal Winner Comes Out

Tea[bag] Party says: "U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is gay"

As Reported Months Ago At The BulgeReport:

Jim Carrey and Evan McGregor's Gay Movie Premieres In July

Controversial crucifix creates rift at Oklahoma church

Playgirl Offers Jesse James $500,000 To Pose Nude

CBS Sued Over Penis Surgery Show



Ouch! Ten Of The Worst
Nut Shots In History



University of Maryland Wrestler Hudson Taylor a champion for gay rights


Bode Wins Bronze And Shows A VPL

Click The Image To See The VPL

Apolo Ohno: Gold Medal Bulge 



Since The Real Levi Hid His Penis, A Porn Movie Comes To The Rescue


CraigsList Scam: More Victims Possible in Fake Doc's Sperm Donation Scheme


At Last! A Jockstrap Designed For Swimming, No Speedo Required!


Nice and Long on this Big Brother contestant

HBO's 'Hung' Started June 28th
Coach Earns Extra Income As Male Escort With A Huge HUGE Penis




'Hung' Star Thomas Jane Talks About His Penis

Online For Over Five Years, The World Famous BulgeReport Forum Has Over 31,000 Posts And Over 65,000 Photos!

Statue Honors Youthful Boners?

Size Matters: Boy, 15, Charged After Exposing Himself At School

Found At Amazon.Com: How To Live With A Huge Penis

Snake Bite Leads To Toilet Phobia

Pays Christian College Tuition By Being A Porn Star

New Rooster Booster Keeps It Warm, Makes It Look Big



Humans Have Large Testicles Due To Stone Age Women

Cookbook: Cooking With Cum
“Semen is not only nutritious, but it also has a wonderful texture and amazing cooking properties. Like fine wine and cheeses, the taste of semen is complex and dynamic. Semen is inexpensive to produce and is commonly available in many, if not most, homes and restaurants. Despite all of these positive qualities, semen remains neglected as a food. This book hopes to change that. Once you overcome any initial hesitation, you will be surprised to learn how wonderful semen is in the kitchen. Semen is an exciting ingredient that can give every dish you make an interesting twist. If you are a passionate cook and are not afraid to experiment with new ingredients—you will love this cook book!”

Underwear Reviews

OMG! All Male Naked Swedish Police Party!


Jim Carrey And Ewan McGregor Gay, In Jail, In Love

Best To Masturbate More After 50th Birthday

The Nutrition Of Semen

Bonanza's Little Joe With Morning Wood
Just View The First Minute For An Eyeful of Michael Landon Manhood

Matthew McConaughey's Bulge

American Football Tackle

Gotta Love American Football!

Brian Westbrook Goes Down!



The Ultimate Fighter Season 8, Episode 8: MMA Fighter Consumes Semen From Several Roommates!

Actor James Franco Talks About His Prosthetic Penis and Dancing With Sean Penn

Dallas from The Amazing Race with Mom

Dallas, From The Amazing Race ... Naked And Nice

[for BulgeReport members only]

NCAA Wrestling Champion In Gay Porn Controversy


GOOD NEWS: "Paul Donahoe and Garrett Scott are officially enrolled at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Earlier today, Scots head coach Tim Flynn, released this statement. "They (Donahoe and Scott) are enrolled. Our plans are to help them get their education at Edinboro and become the best wrestlers they can become. The same plans that we have for everyone on the team."

ABC Update: No Operation, But Chris May Face Severe Mental Hurdles

Gay Man Cuts Off Lover's Penis and Flushes It Away

Professor Craig Seymour, PhD., Writes In His Book: Stripped In D.C. Gay Clubs As A Graduate Student ... For Fun

Craig Seymour, PhD, Gay Stripper
“The truth was that stripping had long called out to me. It offered something different from my grad school grind of dealing with students, grading papers, and sitting through seemingly endless seminars.”

It Took Until 2008 . . . A Cure For MGO (Male Genital Odor)

Hmmm, Do We Really Want To Hide The Smell Of A Man? This is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT ... is there really a need for this stuff?

New Documentary on Penis Size

Keep It Clean!

Headline: "Spaniard Scores Penis Goal in Germany". Video: Click Here

"Dude, You're Getting A Dell"
Actor Now A Waiter At Tortilla Flats

"And while Tlusty did deny he is gay or even bisexual, the reactions to the photos largely focused around Internet safety."

Hell's Kitchen Star Seriously Burns His Right Testicle

Underwear Designed To Cool Your Nuts

Wilson Attempts Suicide?

Amazing Video Of Pro Rugby Player Getting His Nuts Squeezed Twice By Opponent

Sam Burgess   tonight revealed Leon Pryce has finally apologized for his testicle-squeezing antics.

OUCH! But The BulgeReport Has A Nude Picture Of DeLaHoya Before His Nuts Got Punched.
Sorry, for Members Only.
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They Do Not Consider Themselves Gay. Straight Men Admit To Having Gay Sex

World's Oldest Condom On Display In Museum

(With Photo)

New Protection For Men, Called "Nutty Buddy".
Site Includes Video Of Man Taking Baseball Shots

Naked Bather's Nuts Caught In Chair

Burglar Loses Testicle As Homeowner Says "Serves You Right"

The Men of American Idol: The Biggest, The Nine Incher, Who Used The Most Condoms [Members Only]

Wife Rips Husbands Genitals Off With Bare Hands

Kevin Costner Exposed As Actor Behind Sex Act Claim

Ricky Martin With Friend At Gay Beach (click for more beach photos)



Lawyer Fired For Writing His Story: "Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star"

"I shaved my balls - they were going grey, so I shaved them."

Hillside Giant in Britain has a 30 foot member for all to see. More photos and explanation at this link.

Testicle Wrongly Removed During Surgery

Why We Love Rugby:

Besides coping with the pressure generated from a manic 35,000-strong crowd, New Zealand also had to contend with biting and testicle grabbing as Argentina hit below the belt.


Rugby Fan Cuts Off Own Testicles!


Male Russian Soldiers Forced Into Gay Prostitution By Superiors

In 1949, 1 In 5 Brits Had Gay Sex

Just WHO Is John Travolta Kissing On The Lips? (Can A Member Provide An Answer In The Forum?)


Ahhh, Summer! Members: Click on the photo above for DOZENS of Nude Beach Photos posted in the Forum. see thousands of pix at


Free: List of Uncut Celebrities
You, keep this up-to-date with your submissions!

Like photos of Uncut Penises? We have thousands and thousands of Pix Of Uncut Tools!



15 Facts You Didn't Know About Your Penis

"One foreskin can produce 23,000 square meters, which would be enough to tarp every Major League infield with human flesh." 


George W. Bush Campaign Chief and
Former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman: I'm Gay

Jerry O'Connell:
Why My Penis Looks So Small in Piranha 3D





Fox News, "This Just In" ... Masturbation Is Good!

MTV’s New Big Penis Show Doesn’t Understand High-School Popularity



Dustin Hoffman and Jason Bateman Kiss At Lakers Game


Tourist hospitalized by venomous spider bite on penis

See The Spider Video Story

Soccer Players Squeeze Each Others Nuts ... Again and Again

Rappers Show Off Their Dicks In "Dick Slang" Video

Everything You Need To Know About

The Perfect "Male Brazilian" Waxing
"Once complete, check over the whole scrotum area ensuring the whole area has been waxed."



Jockstrap adds two inches to your bulge


WOW! Apple's GRINDR App Imposes Strict 'Puritan Rules' On Users
No Photos showing Speedos, Too Much Thigh, Any Underwear, Nudity (even if covered by a towel), and No Profanity



Vice Fashion Includes BONERS? Work Hard, Play Hard




Rocker John Mayer Talks About His Locker room Penis Envy


StrokeMeister Exercise Video



Last Week, One Of Rugby's Biggest Stars Came Out Of The Closet



Male Pole Dancers Are on the Rise


A Broken Penis Can Usually Be Fixed


Julio Iglesias Is Jewish, Julio Iglesias’s Penis Is Non-Jewish  (and Non-Functioning)

Cleveland Indians center fielder Grady Sizemore looks terrific


Stephen Colbert: Award-Winning Junk Nugget






Channing Tatum Used To Dance In A Male Revue Before He Landing Acting Gigs: Now See The Video!

Channing Tatum's Penis Seriously Burned And He Has Pictures To Prove It



Photos Of Daniel Radcliffe's Low Hangers


Finally! Jockstrap Maid Service In The USA


Medtronic Artery stent may help when Viagra does not

About half of the 25 million American men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction don't respond to drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra
Another Source With More Details On The Penis Stent

Dwarf Gets Penis Glued To Vacuum Cleaner

Former CNN Reporter Posts His Own NUDE Photos
[for Members Only]

Speedo Wearing Burglar Nabbed By Police Dog


Ex-Wife On Eminem:
"He is not very well endowed. If you are going to have sex with Marshall, make sure you have a little blue pill, because otherwise it does not work."


Simon Cowell Critiques Contestants Boner


'Birthers' Are Demanding To Know: Was Obama Circumcised? 

Of Course, The BulgeReport Has His Status!


MRI Sex? See The Video


Gillette: How To Shave Your Junk 

Saudi Businessman Orders Solid Gold Penis Enlarger

Were Sherlock Holmes And Dr. Watson Gay ?
According To Guy Ritchie's New Movie With Jude Law And Robert Downey Jr. they were.

Eric Bana Travels Nude In The Time Traveler's Wife

Some might say Time Traveler's Wife is a Chick Flick since is contains more male nudity than any movie in my recent memory.

Web MD: Life Cycle Of A Penis



Trick Out Male Package With Bejeweled Penis Plugs

Just How Small Is Shia LaBeouf's Small Member?

Friend Bites Off And Swallows Friend's Penis During Fight

Gay Porn Idol Dies At Age 62.
He Is Survived By ... His Wife

The Joydick Mods Your Penis Into a Joystick

Available As A "Do It Your Self" Kit

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe: I'm a Fag Hag

Sean William Scott In A Jockstrap

Semen Facts:

  • Yes, it can stain. Always wash in COLD water.

  • Yes, a black light will show semen.

  • Yes, a single ejaculate has 200-500+ million sperm.

  • Yes, semen is OK if you are on the Atkins diet.

  • Yes, average speed of a shooting ejaculation is 23 mph.

  • Yes, a woman's mood can be elevated to 'happy' by frequent exposure to semen.

  • Yes, pineapple, watermelon, cranberries, and sweet fruit can improve the taste of semen.

  • Yes, semen is usually a cloudy white fluid that within 30 minutes becomes runny and clear.

  • Yes, chlorine type smell in semen is normal.

  • Yes, the taste is slightly sweet due to fructose.

  • Yes, the taste of semen tends to change slightly from person to person.

  • Yes, a study conducted by American scientists in Newscientists.com among 30,000 men over eight years, those that ejaculated most frequently have had significantly less chances of getting prostate cancer.

  • Yes, semen contains small amounts of more than thirty elements, including fructose, ascorbic acid, cholesterol, creatine, citric acid, lactic acid, nitrogen, vitamin B12, and various salts and enzymes.

  • Yes, blue whales produce 400 gallons of semen with each ejaculation.

Do Penises Get Smaller With Age?

With Additional Data And Photos From Wikipedia

University of Wisconsin: Penis Size Matters

Fan Grabs Akon’s Crotch On Jimmy Kimmel

New Product Says It Will Help You Bulge MORE!

Movie Star Robert Downey Jr

I use to masturbate!

"I Was A Compulsive, Serial Masturbator ..."



Well Known MMA Fighter Has Serious Testicle Injury

Mirko Cro Cop


Redskin #47 Chris Cooley Accidentally Exposed His Penis In His Blog

Click Here To See His Penis

Careful! Clicking The Above Photo Shows Controversial Photo Look right below the 'g' in the URL at the bottom!

Snake Bites Aussie On His Penis (Really)

Australian Olympic Diver
Fighting To Bring Boyfriend To Olympic Games

Australian Olympic Diver

Matthew Mitcham


From Penn State: satisfactory sexual intercourse Typically lasts only three to 13 minutes

The hard life of sex researchers

Has Prince Harry Joined The Mile High Club?

Nordic Battlegroup Removes Penis From Coat of Arms, National Archives Want It Re-Erected

Poles Flocking To Russia For Penis Enlargement Surgery

UPDATE: All Charges Against A&F Dropped

Abercrombie & Fitch store: Manager Cited on obscenity charges For This Image

Buy Undies Where Shaq and Andy Roddick Buy Theirs

NHL Maple Leaf Rookie, Age 19, In Trouble Over Internet Photos

"And while Tlusty did deny he is gay or even bisexual, the reactions to the photos largely focused around Internet safety."

Human race will 'Split into two different species' With deeper voices and bigger penises

Lightning strikes biker's penis during toilet break

What If YOUR Parents Sold Your Naked Photo For $200

And Now You're Turning 18!

"I have to use stupid pick-up lines like, 'You want to see my penis ... again?"'

Phillips Norelco BodyShaver Web Site: Funniest Commercial Site Ever! Includes History of Shaving Your #*#* and #*#* and **##. Click on History and/or Music Video For More Laughs

John Mayer

he has a fat one, we went to high school in CT together. He is uncut, closely trimmed. small balls

Man buys what he thinks is a new phone only to Find a video on it of a previous owner masturbating

A former Mitsubishi executive is suing his ex-employer Because a co-worker took a picture of his penis. Boss compared His Penis to an "Italian sausage"

But Delaney, the former Parramatta centre who played last season under Taylor at the Eels, denied he deliberately targeted Lowe's testicles.

Can't Photograph Anderson Cooper's Penis?

Queen's Guards Get Drunk, Naked And Videotape It

“It gets even worse when you see one of them grabbing his colleague’s willy."

Coming Soon: Glowing Green Semen

What the World Famous Mayo Clinic Says About Masturbating Daily

Tom Cruise Gives Mental Health Advice

How To Exactly Measure A Penis (With Diagrams, Photos, Tools Required, and What NOT To Do)

Death From Cobra Bite on Testicles

Interest In The Male Package, As Found In This Web Site Traced Back In Time To 5200 B.C. By Archaeologists

AFL Makes It Legal To Punch Opponent's Testicles! Also at this subscription link with photos.

"Pleae don't let this photo ever get on the Internet!"

Now over 13,000 bulging photos with four new galleries just added. Check out coachron.com. Over 300 free preview photos.




The Famous "Five On Two" Hold Properly Applied!

Skewered Through The Groin With A Pool Cue



  groin.JPG (5664 bytes)


More and More photos have been added to the Nude Beach Topic. Now more than 140 casual nude beach photos. Really Hot. Check em out! Members Only. OR for $6.95, see18,000 pix at www.bonerisland.com!


Main Stream Actors Showing It All

What Is The Plural Of TheWord Penis?

USC Makes BulgeReport Official:

All Men, Straights Too, Definitely Check Out Another Man's Bulge

Article 1 from USC Discussing How Men/Women Look At Web Pages

Article 2 From TowelRoad Only Focusing On Crotch Results


Eminem's Ex: "He's not very well endowed."If you're going to have sex with Marshall, make sure you have a little blue pill, because otherwise it does not work.






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Video: Austrian National Rugby Team
Dances and Strips Naked In Public

[Available To BulgeReport Members Only]


The 100 Biggest Major League Baseball Players

In order of BIG to BIGGEST! For Members Only.

And #1 'endowed' player on the list? Answer inside ...
"bigger than Rocker," "like a baby's arm hanging", "Biggest ever seen. His cock is like a third leg or a tree trunk".

Includes "Biggest Rookies"





"Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day;  teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks."





Celebrity Bulges Update Area


Sample Celebrity Bulge Sighting Comments Submitted by Visitors


Wild photos of Ryan's dick shown in TV's Survivor series.

How these got past the censor is anybody's guess. We have the pixs inside!


Members see every comment and photos of Celebrities Submitted by BulgeReport Visitors!

participate in our Forum

where our members comment and post photos of themselves and their favorite celebrities



Jared Leto: "... Hollywood's Biggest." "Jared was the most I ever had to work with. There?s definitely a second career available for him if he ever runs out of mainstream work."

Ewan McGregor: "... you can see his uncut member a mile away. It?s a big star that may have the most screen time of any mainstream private part!"

Sean Hannity: Hearsay, but ... "big thick one"

Wilmer Valderama (That 70's Show): "claimed to Howard Stern that he can really fill out a pair of polyester pants with his 8-incher."

Anderson Cooper: More hearsay, but ..."long thin one"

Jim Thome:
(baseball): "Absolutely huge, caught myself staring. Thick from head to base. His cock looks like a baby?s arm hanging there."

Troy Aikman: "I do remember seeing Troy Aikman (one of the highlights of my career as a camera man), and I must say, he was one of the nicest guys I ever interviewed. He was also hung like a horse, at least 6 or 7 inches, and cut . . . ."  and  " . . .Troy has an amazing body and a very big cock and balls. He was absolutely the best!!!! Great ass, great dick, great nuts."

Josh Groban: "is cut, about 4 inches soft. BIG BIG BIG bull balls"

Tim Robbins:
"huge bulge snaking down Tim's left pant leg..."

Galen Gering, TV's Passion series: "This man is hung! At least 7 inches soft with the biggest and hairiest balls I've ever seen."

Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath: "He was about 5-6 inches. Nice thickness cut.  Balls were of decent size. .... he was wearing white fruit of the loom briefs. I pay attention to details"

Mike Piazza: "Keeps pubes trimmed close, dick is about 5 inches soft."

Tom Hanks' testicles: "had big, lime-sized ones"

Colby Donaldson "(Survivor Australia): on more than one occasion ... caught Colby jerking off at night ... they had special infrared lenses to spy on them at night ... never made it to TV, but there's tape out there of Colby working his big cock"

Justin Timberlake: Cut, has 4-5 inch dick, with a circumcision scar, a bit red.

Lyle Lovett:
"TUBE of MEAT on this guy..."

Andre Agassi:  Agassi is TINY and shriveled - but so hairy.

Ronan Keating backstage: "...little, blond, Irishman. He had a huge banana-like cock put to the side and two big balls were bulging. What a horsehung guy!

John Rocker's penis in the lockerroom: "It was huge! He walked around the locker room completely nude and that massive dick just swinging! He went to sit down on one of the benches in the locker room, and that cock hung over the edge!" OVER 90 comments about Rocker's huge dick.

John Mayer:
"he's got a fat one...He is uncut, closely trimmed. small balls"

Seann William Scott: "Dude, that's a nice package."

Ashton Kutcher: "Dude, where's your dick?"

Prince William:
Cut vs Uncut Prince debate. Royalty forum.

Antonio Bandaras: NUDE! Members can see the uncensored photo inside.



participate in our Forum

where our members comment and post photos of themselves and their favorite celebrities



Visit the  BulgeReport Archives Members only


Scroll down for the latest BULGING NEWS


The List of the Hung and "not-so-hung" Celebrities
as Reported in our Forum

All talked about inside!
In "delicious" details.

Key: Huge Biggest Big Tiny

John Mayer, Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, Mo Rocca, Enrique Iglesias Lleyton Hewitt, Galen Gering, Derek Jeter, Mike Piazza, Robin Williams, JD Roberts, Orlando Bloom, Leonardo deCaprio, Jason Priestly, Tim Allen, Andre Agassi, Dallas Mavs Owner Mark Cuban, Tom Selleck, Robert deNiro, Matt Leblanc, Ricky Martin, David Beckham, Shepard Smith, Josh Groban, Lyle Lovett, Willem Dafoe, NFL's Brett Favre and Christian Peters, George Clooney, Johnathan Rhys Meyers,  Prince William, Anderson Cooper of CNN, Ken Caminiti, Toby McGuire,  Scott Glenn, Mark Valley, Colby Donaldson, Fredie Prinze, UK Politician Troy Aikman, Damian Hockney, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Matthew McConaughey, Jimmy Smits, Kevin Costner, Sugar Ray, James Marsden, Jared Leto, New Batman Christian Bale, Will Estes, Ben Browder, Garth Brooks, Eric Bana, Aaron Trippin, Ewan McGregor, Ronan Keating, Russell Crowe, John Cena, Donny Osmond,  Mike Schmidt, Wayne Chrebet, Basketballs Bobby Sura, Michael Pare, Hockey's Martin Skoula, Frank Sepe, Henry Rollins, Alex Dimitriades, Peter Gallagher, Sean Hannity of Fox, John Schneider, Steve Cannon, John Farnham, Ally McCoist, Robbie Williams, Guy Ritchie, Vince Vaughn, Paul Hogan, James Franco, Grant Warner, Jeff Bridges, Vincent Perez, Macauley Caulkin, George Stephanopoulos, Milton Berle, Matt Dillon, Cirroc Lofton, Joey Lawrence, Lou Christie, Usher, Clint Black, Basketballs Michael Finley, Jim Nabors, Robert Carlisle, Ed Marinaro, Pierce Brosnan, Tom Jones, Kevin Ubanks, Michael Corbett, Matthew Lillard, Matt Damon, Ari Fleischer, Ashton Kutcher, Slash, Bengt Lagerberg, Ricky Nelson, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Scott Frassetto, Robert Wagner, David McCallum, David Lee Roth, Don Johnson, Jon Bonjovi, NFL's John Lynch and Joel Mackovicka, Ally McCoist, Austin Peck, Nick Scotti, Ben Affleck,  Emilio Estevez, Tom Welling, Joshua Jackson, Matt Lauer, Michael Boulton, Heath Ledger,
Baseball's Jim Thome,
John Rocker,
Kenny Loggins,
Elijah Wood, Geoffrey Lewis, Kelly Jones, Forrest Tucker, John Ireland, Peter Wyngard, Warren Cuccurullo, Omar Vizquel, Josh Hartnett, Brad Paisley, the men of Survivor 5  Seann William Scott, Tom Cruise,  Eminem,  Costas Mandylor, Peter Horton,
NY Jet Chad Pennington,  Baseball's Barry Zito,


The BulgeReport makes no guarantee of size as noted.  We report and provide you with an outlet to share your "eye witness accounts".  But hey, this is the Internet, and nobody offered any "Certificates of Authenticity" on size. At least not yet.
But it is fun to speculate isn't it?
We report . . .  you decide . . .

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