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Photos of President George W. Bush, his amazing BULGE, and other pix
Email me photos of the Bush Bulge OR the Kerry Schlong
Click on the photo to see it BIG.

The President shows BIG, but WHO is that hunk next to him. HOT!

This is the pilot that flew him to the carrier. What were they doing up there to get the President so big?

Honestly, doesn't that hurt the crotch.

Looks like George is having to walk a little funny to tuck his testicles in the right place.

G.W. Bush is the only American President to get this much coverage on his BIG bulge.

Hello Boys!

George throws like a girl.

A close-up of the Bulge of the United States. Secret Service refer to him as "BOTUS".

HUGE FILE. PhotoMosaic made up of 632 photos of dead American military men and women.

Another one of the BOTUS.



Hey, if you have photos of Kerry's Bulge, send it in!

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