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Porn Star Arrested For Felony Extortion;
 Demands Included $1 Million,
 L.A. Condo, $180,000 Audi, FBI got him

The victim? Unknown. Guesses?
 Carrot Top, Chris Pine, Taylor Lautner,
 Robert Downey, Jr; Joe Jonas, and Jason Statham


James Franco:
 "I like to think that I'm gay ..."


Motorcyclist crashed so hard it forced
 the top of his thigh bone into his scrotum


Penis size: the long and the short of it


Neil Patrick Harris Reveals Why
 He Wore Two Pairs Of
 Underwear During The Oscars


Chris Pratt Loves To Get Naked,
 Worked As A Teen Stripper


"I can't cope with his big manhood" –
Wife tells sharia court


The Troubled History Of The Foreskin


Straight Men Whisper Their Secret Gay Desires


Dick Size By Country


21-Year-Old With Huge Penis Answers Questions On Reddit


Apparently Richard Madden Has Too Much Dick For Disney
Two days spent trying to make his bulge look smaller


Circumcised Men May Soon Be Able To
 Regrow Their Foreskin
 Thanks To New Miracle Therapy


World's First Penis REDUCTION Surgery

Surgeon said: 'It's girth was just massive' and was shaped like rugby ball


Hollywood's (Allegedly) Most Poorly-Endowed Men


Gay SuperBowl Commercial

Colin Farrell Thinks "Well-Hung"
 Ewan McGregor Should Be More Proud Of His Penis


13 Gay Sex Scenes That Went "Too Far" For TV


Ryan Lochte and His Speedo


Cristiano Ronaldo's new statue
 has a massive penis bulge


This New York Firefighter Was Once A Gay-For-Pay
 Adult Film Star, But Who's Counting


Taylor Lautner Walks Into A Gay Bar


Nick Jonas Finally Reveals His Character Is Gay On Kingdom


Banned From Patrolling The Castro,
 Hot Castro Cop Tries Out Modeling


Jonas Gray will score 4 touchdowns
 then punch you in the nuts


Alex Minsky Loves Gay Men And Being Naked


What It's Like to Have a Micropenis


Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals What He Learned
  From Making "Brokeback Mountain"


In High Definition: Drone Boning!
Drones Movie of  couples doing it


At Long Last, Harvard Is
 Offering A Course In Anal Sex


The fruitful sex lives of
 the original Siamese twins

Over 21 Kids between them!


Olympic Rower Robbie Manson
 Shares His Inspiring Coming Out Story


These Two Naked Aussies
Are All About That Raw Life


Science To The Rescue:
 Where Do Penises Come From?


These Gay Cowboys Are Living Their
 Dream And Shattering Stereotypes


The 14 Kinds of Boners Guys Experience


The lab-grown penis:
 approaching a medical milestone


Testicles of greek statues


Dick: The Documentary


10 Best Movie Masturbation Scenes


How Big Is the Average Penis?


Bodybuilder insists: "I'm not gay!"




How much for a blow job?


unhappy with your penis size?


Hugh Jackman feels his nuts for charity


Canadian Man "Suffers" 100+ Orgasms Daily


Channing Tatum Likes To Touch
 The Penises Of His Buddies


Groin Gazing


An Investigation into the dick size
 of the american male


Masturbation boosts
your immune system


California's Nude Beaches 2014


Big balls can result in increased chances
 of heart problems and cheating
 and Other Things your nuts can teach you


Interview: Life as the man with
 the world’s largest penis


10 Things You Didn't Know about Your Junk


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confessions of straight men who suck dicks


mario Goetze, german player who won
the world cup for germany, celebrates in a unique way


Behold: First on-field penis of the World Cup

More Great Footage Here


Big Brother 16 Houseguest Cody Calafiore Was Once An Underwear Model



Fascinating Sperm Facts

10 Things You Don't Know About Penises


Aussie Controversy
Rugby Star Todd Carney sacked over this Pix?

What does an american cEO look
 like dancing full frontal naked?

Texas Worker's Boss Punched and Stun-Gunned Him in the Junk

Watch This Adorable Couple Put Their Pants On Without Using Hands

Ryans Privates Hits the App Store July 4th and Bad App Studios Promises Endless Crotch Shots With Everyplay and Nextpeer Integration

All The Penis Nicknames From Movies

Latest Olympic Games Athlete To Come Out

Is this the future of condoms?

Parsing the Penis Microbiome

What Really Happens After
A Kick to the Balls

Watch a Bunch of Male StrippersGet Their Penises Measured

Can I stretch my penis every day?

The Real Housewives of New York,Scrotum Waxing Edition

Rocker Robbie Williams isselling his used jock strap

Showtime to re-air every season of 'Queer as Folk'

Robert De Niro talks about
homosexual father in documentary

BMW Driver's weird excuseWhy He's nude at a Burger King

Someone 3D-Printed An Entire Wall Of Penises,And It's Actually Quite Impressive

Cover of Major French Political MagazineIs Illustrated With Penis Drawings

What Men Think of their penis

Lawyer Builds a better blowjob machine

According To Actual Science
If You Have Weird Semen,
You're Probably Going To Die Soon

Man floors attacker by biting his penis

Pharrell Williams' Happy Scrotum

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Maybe One is your Selfie!

Zac Efron has to show his dick to get a job






CheapUndies Advertisement is hot!

Here Is the True Story of a Man With Two Dicks

Future NFL Star Michael Sam
Shows Bulge (or boner?)

Introducing the Penis Surfboard

Craig Gardner takes Adnan Januzaj down with penis groping

The Evolution of Penis Size
We investigate why you're hung better than a monkey

Fox affiliate accidentally broadcasts dick pic

Underwear Company Offers Penis Insurance
Get $50,000 if your penis is cut off

The research suggested that men look at each other's cocks, as a gauge to see how big or small they are,comparing themselves to the rest of the team or men in the locker room.The activity of checking outeachotheroccurred irrelevant of sexuality and the type of sport;all participants noted that they looked at each other's cocks in the lockerroom.

13 Problems Men Have With Their Balls

10 Strangest Sex Laws in the USA

Does Penis Size Matter to Women? It Sure Does!

Rugby Team Documentary ...
and one huge dick

Gay Male seeks straight guy

Penis Size Guide: Women Reveal Ideal Length And GirthIn Easy-To-Follow Guidee

9 Weird Things Your Penis DoesDoes

Rugby: 75 photos of Nude men versus uniformed women
Click "Volgende" to see next image at the site


New! Spanx control pants for Men


Channing Tatum: Yeah, I'd Have Sex With George Clooney

Jon Hamm: Crotch Pictures, Talk About My Private Parts Are "Rude"

10 Bulges To Talk About Other Than Jon Hamm's




Who figures this stuff out?


Free Site: Clothed / nude


Male Full-Frontal Nudity Supercut:
 Which Stars Have Bared It All?

James Franco Is A Big Gay Tease In "This Is The End"

'Romanian Orthodox Priests'
 Produce Steamy Gay 2013 Calendar

Tom Cruise 'Injured Himself Kicking A Man
 In the Testicles' Filming 'Jack Reacher'

WATCH: Straight Guys React To Gay Porno

now with video!
 MMA star's Amazing Tweets
 Ray Elbe fractures penis in bizarre sex accident

Ray Elbe Breaks His Penis
He tweeted about how it happened, the emergency operation,  also photos of bloodied hotel room.

MMA fighter discusses Penile (penis) fracture in Malaysia

Video: Soccer Player's Long Penis Makes Swinging Appearance

(Video for Members Only. Now with comments from other members discussing the size.)


Inside, for members only:
Tennis, baseball, and NFL players ranked by the inch.


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American Pickers TV stars "come out of the closet"

Gay Porn Stars Draw On "Real Life Experiences" To Recreate Frat Hazing Rituals


The World’s 10 Best Gay Nude Beaches, 2014


New Research Reveals Average Penis Size Is Much Smaller When You Stop Lying About Penis Size

17 Decidedly Phallic Images Of Japan's Annual Penis Festival Kanamara Matsuri


Cute Cop Admits To Signing Up Tea Party Leader On Gay Dating and Porn Websites



Man has his 10-inch penis enlarged  because he wanted 'a monster'

 Before and After Photo

Gay Rugby Team Makes History By Being First To Play At Professional Match

The UK Is Low On Sperm


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Heckler knees comic in the balls

Ben Affleck's Penis Size Massive

Naked Wrestlers Encourage HIV Testing

States in America Ranked by Penis Size

Size actually DOES matter


Trending In Underwear: Football Inspired Jocks





The 12 Biggest Bulges Of 2012

Anti-Gay Conservative Calls For Fox News' Shepard Smith To Come Out Already


Gay Actors Who've Played Gay Characters -- Sometimes It Happens!


What kind of sex are People in your state searching

Erections, Edible Undies and Other Surprising Sex Facts 


Hunger Games Star Josh  Hutcherson's Nude Pix Makes Its Way Online

Pet dog eats paralysed man's testicle

The worst places to get stung by a bee

21 things you didn't know about penises

Here's That Video of James Franco Sucking Dick


Turns out your dick is a huge memory stick

Ryan Lochte Shaves His Entire Body, "Even The Bits You Don't See!"

A Brief History of Condoms

Origami Condoms Available in 2015

See Video Here


6,000-year-old stone penis unearthed in Israel

Berlin Bruisers are Germany's first openly gay rugby team

Study: 95% of Gay Men Manscape

A Penis Primer:  9 Fascinating Phallus Facts

"A piece of foreskin the size of a postage stamp can produce approximately 4 acres of skin tissue in the laboratory"

US Soccer Player Robbie Rogers Comes Out As Gay, Retires

Six minutes of soccer players taking it in the nuts

Man shoots himself in groin with flare gun


Finally, an App to Help Men Measure Their Erect Penises



How to improve your orgasm





5 Great Movie Moments In Semen


New to iTunes Store:

Penis-measuring app to help you find the best fitting condom


Can a man have an orgasm without ejaculating?

The World. By Penis Size

Top 10 Methods Mistakenly Used to Estimate Penis Size

Dream Interpretation: I Have a Detachable Penis

The Top 15 Celebrity Bulges of 2012
By Max Kessler of PaperMag

Just Because:
Justin Theroux


Is There a Naked Guy with his hanging Dick in This Real Estate Listing, or What?


Just More Eye Candy

Thank You Kellan Lutz



The World’s 10 Best Gay Beaches 2014

occer Play kicks teammate in the nuts and it kills him

Crazy penis-themed restaurant exists in south korea


Zac Efron has trouble pissing after taking Viagra


The Sexy Ritual Of Rugby Players Emerging From The Ocean


The Dong Show: 10 Penises Featured On HBO

James Franco:  'I Wish I Was Gay'


The 5 Best Compliments My Dick Has Ever Gotten

Why Men Send Pictures Of Their Penises.

Rugby Player Bites Opponents Penis During Game. Watch Video Here

Nude-Selfie-Taking Rugby Hunk Could Find Himself "Working In A Gay Bar"


Gay Porn Star Josh Logan Charged With Murdering A Dude Three Years Ago


Testicles have taste buds that can detect sweet flavors - and they're vital for fertility


British Rowing Team Strips
 Down To Fight Homophobia

Leonardo DiCaprio's junk grabbed on the red carpet

Thomas Hitzlsperger becomes first high-profile gay footballer

Amateur Wrestling Isn't Gay ... Wrestling Hold Slideshow

Actor Promised to pose nude if he got one million twitter followers
 and he did





Pompeii's treasure trove of erotic artifacts which prudish scholars kept locked up

The Map  of Penis Size Worldwide

How does your country measure up?


The Best & Worst Gay Jokes From James Franco's Comedy Central Roast


Advertisement Sells Using Bulges! 

More men buying sex toys.
 So why does stigma still persist?


Gay Pakistan: Where sex is available and relationships are difficult 


Size Insecurity:  Why We Care and Where We Rank

To Swallow Or Not To Swallow





Straight Porn Superstar James Deen  Talks Gay Sex, Onscreen and Off



Norwegian Coast Guard Officers Show Off Their Bods and Boat: Video


New Facebook App:
 Bang With Friends

Unique way to have sex with friends  who secretly want to have sex with you!


Meet Mr. Balls, the Brazilian testicle mascot


Now on stage:  Still Standing You


Penis Size Study Shows Women Find Men With Big Genitals More Attractive


Michael Fassbender And 9 Other Stars Less Famous Than Their Penises


how about bacon flavored condoms?

Warning: Do not attempt to  put on if a dog is in the room


Jeff Stryker:
 They Used A Stunt Penis In My First Movies

'I was born without a penis but I'm getting one made from my ARM'

Weird Sex Laws

In Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin ... an erection that shows through a man's clothing is illegal.  Go to the visible penis line to see examples!

Does Your Penis Shrink As You Get Older?  (Answer: Yes)

Stephen Dorff Caught Peeing On Hollywood Blvd

Inside, for members only: Tennis, baseball, and NFL players ranked by the inch.

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